Lekarz Beata Borowska-Baranek specjalista rehabilitacji medycznej

 How to effectively prevent acute back pain resulting from  spine overloading ? "




It is no difficult and time-consuming. It is important- becouse our habits act against our spine.


According to the annual statistics about 90-95 % adults suffer from back pain at least once in a lifetime and can't lead their normal activities becouse of it.


In medical science we pay close attention to realibility of the offered methods. All of this should be confirmed in clinical studies and obtain confirmation of EBM ( Evidence


Based Madicine ).  Other methods are experimental medicine. More of them are beeing effectively practiced and raise big hopes.


The following are a few realible ( EBM ) prophylactic recommendations available nowadays to prevent spine disorders.




1.  In the morning we should always get up from the bed with side position.


     It means - when we are lying on back, we turn to the side first and then get up. Never sit up from lying back.




2.  During the first hour after mornings getting up, in particular, we should avoid to lean waist forward

     ( typical leanning foreward )




     Instead we could to lean foreward using the safe technique- keep straight back, move from the hip

     with standing in stride.  It would be great to resist on the hand.


     In fact we should to avoid typical leanning forward during all day..




3. We should avoid sitting in a state position for a long time




     -  There is no safe sitting position !


     -  We should wriggle


     -  We should as often as it is possible to stand up ( get out from the car ) and  walk a few steps,

         to make extension in standing ( to lean bacwards ) - it is statistically good for


         most people, but not for everybody. It should be tested by own or to verify with specialist in case of doubts.






4. Everybody should move ( be active ) in his own life.




     Move in the way we prefer. Anything exept armchair-car lifestyle !




5. We should react immidiadetely to the first symptoms ( sore back)




    -   Focuse on the chapter 1-4 rigor


    -  To relive spain by the lying position ( even 15 minutes can definitely help )


    -  If we have any history of back pain, we could try the previous effective exercises






And it is all...


Five simply ( belive me and EBM ) really efective recommendations